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Case Study:


Capturing attention in a saturated market

Twill (formerly Happify Health) operates in the crowded behavioral health market, offering a clinical-grade platform that combines evidence-based products and services designed to treat mental and physical health at scale. Before engaging Cogenta, Twill’s PR program was running on autopilot, which resulted in declining share of voice as key competitors stole headlines with FDA approvals, acquisitions and IPOs. 

Cogenta partnered with Twill to
build its industry thought leadership and transform its identity to more closely align with its evolution from wellness app to comprehensive platform. Through a multi-modal approach focused on issuing strong announcements of new products, significant partnerships and industry research, Cogenta increased Twill’s earned media coverage by 52% in the first six months — boosting its share of voice among key competitors by 20%—including coverage in The Verge, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, Insider, Parade, Stat and Healthline. 

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