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Case Study:


Creating a new investment category

Magnify Ventures is a firm with close ties to Melinda Gates’ Pivotal fund, focusing on a new category of investment and entrepreneurship that is revolutionizing the future of families. 

Magnify engaged Cogenta to launch its inaugural $52M fund channeled toward the care economy; however, the partners wanted to focus on the investment category and not their affiliation with Pivotal. At the time, the media was flooded by some of the industry’s largest venture capital fundraising efforts to date, including multi-billion-dollar investment funds.

Cogenta helped Magnify tell a deeper story about the future of care and demons
trate that, as a microfund, Magnify would use its unique point of view and experience to dive deep into the burgeoning care economy. Through an exclusive outreach strategy supported by ongoing relationship building, Cogenta secured more than 26 media placements, including articles in Axios, Forbes, Fortune and Venture Capital Journal.

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