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Case Study:

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Emerging from stealth to unlock the factory of the future

Founded in 2019, Machina Labs developed an on-demand manufacturing platform powered by AI and robotics to manufacture parts quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Having recently secured a Series A funding round, the stage was set to exit stealth and launch the company, grow the customer base, expand the LA-based team and attract additional funding.

positioning Machina Labs as an innovator disrupting the centuries-old manufacturing industry, Cogenta was able to secure an exclusive story in TechCrunch that drew attention from the VC community. To gain visibility and attract new talent in their native area, Cogenta also reached out to the local technology media. By offering in-person executive interviews and facility tours, Cogenta secured in an in-depth feature story in dot.LA, the leading publication covering innovation in the Los Angeles startup and tech community. Follow-on coverage also appeared in trade industry publications and mainstream media outlets like Popular Mechanics, in addition to meeting with leading analysts from Gartner, IDC and Forrester

Since its launch in mid-2022, Machina Labs' team has
doubled in size while the customer base expanded and revenue and investment dollars grew.

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