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Case Study:

Navigating market swings by rewriting the narrative

eHealth Insurance, the original online health insurance marketplace, had a successful IPO in October 2006 at $14 a share. But just one year later, the recession plunged its stock to a $9 low – and presented an incredible market opportunity. Cogenta helped eHealth tap into its new potential to increase awareness of its online healthcare marketplace, boost membership and increase shareholder value. 

Cogenta first created informational content to help COBRA recipients understand how eHealth could help them access more cost-effective and higher-quality coverage.
We took an enterprising approach to layoffs, pitching stories to personal finance writers on more affordable COBRA alternatives. Next, we zeroed in on the emerging gig economy to reach self-insured individuals that would otherwise have worked with an insurance broker. Through the ongoing media campaigns – including the launch of new platforms, a series of surveys and proprietary data, and the acquisition of PlanPrescriber – Cogenta carved a new niche for eHealth in medicare. Over six years, eHealth membership grew from less than 1 million to more than 4 million, and its stock soared to a high of more than $65 per share. 

Length of partnership: 6 years

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