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Case Study:


Strategic PR launch draws international attention

Singapore-based Cosmos Innovation built the industry’s first self-learning AI fab platform — Mobius — to accelerate solar transition to perovskite silicon tandem (PST) technology. 


With $19.7 million in Series A funding in hand, Cosmos Innovation was ready to emerge from stealth and unveil its pioneering AI recipe optimization platform, which addresses a fundamental challenge in deploying PST. The founders were eager to launch their company and the Mobius platform simultaneously in the U.S. and Singapore markets.  


Through a strategic launch that aimed to draw significant attention from the technology, business and investor sectors, Cogenta secured a remarkable 49 feature stories across U.S and international press. The coverage included a first-break exclusive article in TechCrunch, followed by articles in The Business Times, The Information, Axios and Wall Street Journal Pro in the weeks following the launch.

Vijay Chandras.jpeg

Thanks a lot for the awesome launch and your patience through the process.

Vijay Chandrasekhar

Cosmos Innovation, Co-founder and CEO

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