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Case Study:


Rising above crowded + overvalued markets

Astronomer is the driving force behind open source Apache Airflow™, the de facto standard for expressing data flows as code, and provider of Astro, a modern data orchestration platform that enables data engineers, data scientists and data analysts to manage their data pipelines as code. Despite its impressive leadership roster and deep connections with the open source developer community, Astronomer had not prioritized public relations, leaving room for its competitors to own the conversation around modern data orchestration.


Cogenta sought to reinforce Astronomer’s industry leadership by announcing its Series C funding and acquisition of Datakin, a data operations tool. Through the funding news — which earned first-break exclusive coverage in TechCrunch — and ongoing media interactions, Cogenta secured more than 40 articles, bylines and podcast appearances for Astronomer and secured its recognition as a 2022 Tech Trailblazer for the big data and cloud categories. Earned coverage during the partnership spanned business and trade outlets including Axios Pro Rata, TechCrunch, Fortune, SiliconANGLE and Datanami


  • “Astronomer Prepared for Its Next Mission After Datakin Acquisition, $213M Series C,” TechCrunch

  • “Data Orchestration Astronomer Raises $213M and Acquires Startup Datakin,” SiliconAngle

  • “Astronomer Raises $13M Series C and Acquires Datakin,” Datanami

  • “See What I Mean? The Power of Visuals with Laurent Paris and Scott Masson,” DM Radio
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