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Case Study:


Tackling world problems with venture capital

Adjuvant Capital is a new type of investment firm that finances the most promising life science technologies for high-burden public health challenges. The firm rolled out from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the goal of proving that you can invest in social good and still generate returns for investors. 

Adjuvant Capital partnered with Cogenta to launch its $300M global health venture capital fund, showcasing its early investment in companies like Codagenix, which was developing an mRNA vaccine in January 2020. Through a series of exclusive interviews with select limited partner investors and executives, Cogenta helped Adjuvant Capital establish its media presence and reinforce how the firm is helping to battle global health issues. The team
secured more than 50 articles reaching key business and finance audiences, including coverage in Axios, Bloomberg, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

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